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Medispan integration


Hi all,


I have read a thread about this, but would need more info in details, what should be the steps for the procedure, e.g who should be contacted, etc…

IF there is any detail instruction documents it would be helpful and appreciated



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Re: Medispan integration

I think they should have forward you with the full package and the licence for medispan.

it is really simple. Check this one

1.After OSCAR EMR provides you with the license key (e.g. licence_key=999999999‐435f‐434e‐

b7bc‐5XXXXXXXXX), open the “Drug Properties File” and input the license key into the “DrugRef

Properties File”.

2. Restart DrugRef to activate these changes.

3. Next, add the file below into the OSCAR Properties File:


4. Restart OSCAR.

5. Test the functionality by prescribing (or having a clinician at the clinic) medications with known

interactions on a test patient.