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My experience was very different. I have had quite a bit of linux experience and using the installation manual I was able to get Oscar running very quickly. Within 2 weeks I had it working so that I could move ohip billing from our previous service into oscar.

I have also setup the fax facility without any issues.

I need to get the audit completed before I can add in access to lab results.

If you have basic linux skills then this should not be a difficult task.

The other thing I did was to build my own servers , with Intel AMT so that I could get into any server without a display/keyboard directly attached and power up/ down etc.

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My own clinic actually decided to go the OSSP route recently.   We’ve actually been pinging OSCAR EMR recently because we’d like to get inspected and approved so that we can get OntarioMD funding as well, but I have a feeling they’re super busy with OSCAR 14 stuff and so we haven’t heard back either.


For what it’s worth, we found it… difficult… to say the least to get OSCAR up and running on our own from scratch with zero experience.    It’s not something that I would recommend unless there’s people on the team with the right experience.   It probably also doesn’t help that my partners and I are much more comfortable managing servers running Windows Server – even though Java should be pretty portable, there was a fair amount of fiddling that we needed to do to get things running on WS2012R2 properly.





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Anyone can download the deb and run it without any hoops.  The issue only comes about if you want OntarioMD funding.

It should be possible to DIY but that will require a OSSP certification (OSCAR Self Service Provider) for funding in Ontario.

Its restricted to only in house work (its not a OSP certification lite)

and is contingent on passing inspections (more money)

although OSCAR-EMR will give you a manual of what is expected for conformance

(Certified OSCAR Service Provider's get more training and support from OSCAR-EMR, and consequently pay much higher fees.  Only a sample of their sites need to get inspected to prove that their installations are ISO compliant)


Due to this extra training and experience an OSP will still often be a better choice for optimal configuration, training and maintenance of not just OSCAR but especially if you are considering Kiosk Integrator MyOSCAR OSCARfax incoming labs MCEDT OLIS HRM and other stuff that I am just not up to stuffing into the deb.

Peter Hutten-Czapski
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"The attitude that ‘if rural people want these services they’ll have to come to the city to get them’ is simply not acceptable…” (Newbery, 1999)

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On 28 October 2014 15:25, Makelevi <[hidden email]> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I work at a clinic looking into getting Oscar. However, for the funding
program, a certified OSP must be hired. The doctors here were hoping to keep
the IT in-house. Is it possible for individuals to get Oscar Support
Provider certified? I emailed Oscar but haven't received a response yet.

If it is possible, how do I go about starting this process?


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