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The future of Oscar(tm)

Earl Wertheimer
To the chartered OscarEMR OSPs and McMaster:

Why the legal letters from McMaster? What are you trying to achieve and how can we resolve this?
Sending legal letters to non-charter OscarEMR OSPs is not constructive and detrimental to our Open Source community.

The community benefits from having many organizations developing, installing and supporting Oscar. More organizations means more choices, more participation and a wider reach. There will always be companies that are not interested in joining the OscarEMR organization, for various reasons, but everyone wants safe and secure installations.

If there is a problem with a particular OSP, then _please_ help me resolve this. You don't have to name the company, but you owe it to the community at large to be open with your concerns so that we can fix this (if possible) and move on.

I probably know everyone involved with Oscar and I would prefer not to be contacted privately concerning this subject. If you cannot reply publicly about your concerns, then we have a larger problem than OSP business practices...

Too many good developers have been ostracized in the past and the community has suffered. We have a limited amount of resources and we should try to work together, to make Oscar better.


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